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4 Signs Your Bricks Need To Be Replaced ASAP

When it comes to building materials, bricks are one of the oldest and most durable materials known to man. But even the strongest materials require maintenance, repairs and replacement over time.

So, how do you know when you need to replace your bricks? Keep an eye out for these four telling signs.

Old Brick Wall
BEFORE: This retaining wall is in major need of a brick replacement.

1. Spalling, Flaking and Crumbling

If you’ve noticed your bricks starting to crumble and flake, you’re witnessing spalling first-hand. This unsightly condition is caused when bricks become saturated by water then freeze and thaw repeatedly. When it comes to spalling bricks, the implications go way beyond cosmetics. Bricks that are crumbling and flaking are health and safety hazards, they are more susceptible to mold and lack structural integrity.

2. The Face Of The Brick Has Popped

Have you ever walked by a house and noticed a brick or two that look like they had their faces sliced off? It’s a strange but common sight. “Popping off” is an early sign of spalling and should be treated just as seriously. If left untreated, a popped-off brick will eventually begin to spall and crumble and compromise the structure.

3. There Are Visible Cracks In The Brick

Even one cracked brick is one too many. A single hairline crack could be as serious as structural issues or as minor as an over-fired brick being laid when it shouldn’t have. If you notice one or more cracks in your bricks, be sure to contact a skilled mason for an expert opinion. Just remember, if brick or its surrounding mortar is starting to crack, it means something’s not right!

4. It’s Unstable

Whether it’s a pillar, chimney or wall built with bricks, if it wobbles, it’s unstable and it needs to be repaired or replaced. Call a skilled mason to quickly diagnose the issue and rest easy knowing they’ll have it fixed in no time.

Retaining wall repair.
AFTER: After a quick brick replacement, this retaining wall not only looks strong, it's sturdy too!

The team at Magnacor Masonry are brick, block and stone experts who have been serving the GTA since 2018. Whatever your masonry needs, Magnacor Masonry Ltd. can help!


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